Woke-House Community Center

San Antonio, Texas 

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"A chill meditation place for the “Buddhish" at Heart! Nothing serious, just some Woke Folk kicking back and enjoying life!"


Every Saturday

10:00 am - 12:00 pm 

(with a light Potluck afterward) 

(Awakened Mind - Loving Heart - Enlightened Action)

We practice chanting, sitting meditation, walking meditation and are guided by the basic core principles of Buddhism, such as, harmonious living, loving-kindness, and compassion. We follow the wisdom practices of Shakyamuni Buddha, but do not worship him. Buddha is merely our example for "Waking-Up" in the World!

We started this Community to support each other's practice, to deepen and to integrate Buddhist values more fully in all areas of our daily lives. We also strive to do 'real and lasting good' in our city by providing free meditation instruction in public places and by volunteering at local nonprofits.

Woke-House is a wonderful place to explore Your Buddha-Nature even if you do not identify as "a Buddhist"! 

We are a 'Child Friendly Space' that welcomes you with open-arms, regardless of your race, sex, religion, situation, or background! (ONE LOVE!) 

Building location:

6851 Citizens Pkwy

San Antonio, Texas 78229

(2nd floor)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BodhisattvaPress/
Email: KileyJonClark@gmail.com  
Website: Woke-House.org 


6851 Citizen's Pkwy,
San Antonio, Texas 78229 
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