"For the 'Buddh-ish Curious' at Heart!"


We believe we are moving into a time where humanity is turning away from strict dogmas and rigid belief systems.  We reject religious beliefs and religious standards that pit one group against another and create "special clubs", with "special people", and worship a "special god" or do things in a "special way". 

We study and talk about Buddhism and other spiritual modalities in order to get closer to and experience the "Great Mystery". We believe that whatever the "truth" is, it is unnamable and unfathomable, but it can be experienced by each person in their own way. 

We discuss Buddhism as a "jumping off place" and a opportunity to have great conversations! It is also an excuse to be together and create community.  We learn from each other as we stand before the "Great Mystery". 

If you are "Buddh-ish Curious", interested in exploring new ideas, looking for Community, or don't know yet....

We Are Your Tribe! Come Join US! 

( IN-PERSON GROUP - Saturdays - 10AM CST) 

6851 Citizens Pkwy

San Antonio, Texas 78229

(2nd Floor)

(Online Group - Saturdays - 10AM cst) 

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